What is the difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting?

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What is the difference between cloud hosting and VPS hosting?

Postby MikeJames » Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:40 am

Both VPS and cloud hosting are designed in such a way to make hosting affordable and easy to scale, but there are some obvious differences between VPS and cloud hosting.

In VPS hosting, a single dedicated server is divided into multiple parts of smaller size using the virtualization technology. So, a VPS server host multiple sites like a shared hosting server, and also provides security and privacy like a dedicated server up to certain extent. A VPS server ensures that websites hosted on the same server do not experience conflicts and also gets enough server resources.
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Whereas, a cloud server on the other hand is a network of multiple different servers connected together and acting a giant single server. The cloud servers are located at multiple locations and your website data files are more secure as they are moved to a different server whenever a server is down and makes sure that your website faces no downtime. Also, the resources are allocated dynamically as and when the need arises depending on the website traffic.
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